Factors Causing Little Breast Milk and the Solution to Overcome It

The cause of breastmilk is not only a little from the wrong breastfeeding technique, but also from the physical and psychological factors of the mother, the condition of the child, maternal nutrition, side effects of certain drugs, and also lifestyle factors that are not good. By knowing the cause, it is hoped that the problem of breastmilk production can be slightly overcome by handling the appropriate conditions of the mother and the child. One of the main problems that a mother often experiences when breastfeeding or giving exclusive breast milk to her baby is that breastmilk production tends to be small, or the mother is worried that her breastmilk production is small. Before giving up and deciding to give formula milk, Mother needs to know the cause of a little breast milk and some steps that can be done to overcome it. Factors for Breastfeeding as a Cause of Little Breast Milk Mother needs to know that the release of breast milk is the best way to stimulate the mother's
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